this is my portfolio…

Providing a condensed view of what I have done so far and what I am capable of doing. My portfolio showcases not only those skills I already possess, but also, in many instances, those projects where I pushed beyond my own comfort zone and attempted new designs. I relish the opportunity to push my own limitations and have been fortunate enough to do this collaboratively with clients.

print layout

In a career spanning almost 20 years, I have gained enormous amounts of experience, both as layout sub at several major newspapers and as a layout designer for magazines and other print media. I have been fortunate enough to grow with the industry and have been responsible for bringing out some of the most historically-significant front pages in the new South Africa media space.

graphic design

Creative graphics are an essential part of good layouts. It should compliment the layout and serve as visual elements to form part of the design as a whole.
I am also experienced in image retouching and manipulation.

web design & development

In keeping with the theme of continuous improvement, or Kaizen, I recently endeavoured to earn a qualification in web development, allowing me access to the exciting frontier of web and UI design. I have acquired additional skills and challenges through this study, I attained my qualifications through Microsoft Certifications and a National Certificate in Web Development. This has proven to be a powerful supplementary set of skills.

In the beginning….

Usually one would end this page with a conclusion; however, I prefer to see new opportunities . So, that being said, this portfolio presents where I am today. However, in the grand scheme of things, this is a stepping-stone to where I will be going.